Chiropractic Testimonials

"I cannot recommend this clinic highly enough! If I could give them 10/5 stars I would! I have been coming here for over 7 years and Dr. Andy has been a godsend. I was recently in a car accident, and they help alleviate my pain and get me into strength training immediately! The technicians here are so nice and fun, they genuinely take an interest in your wellness and are great to chat with! They offer a variety of services and I'm sure they can help with whatever ails you! I love West End Chiropractic and I know you will too!!"

- Holly G.

"I was diagnosed with a bone disorder at the age of 8. I fractured my lower back then & last year (2019 summer) I had crushed a bone in my spine. I chose to see a Chiropractor because I was already dealing with more than a decade of lower back pain but brand new upper back pain. For the first time since I was 8 I can truly say I feel no pain in my back. I feel the best I've ever felt thanks to Dr.John. I believe coming to West End Chiropractic was the best decision I've made. The day I met with Dr. John I knew I was going to get the care I deserved. He has walked me through my entire care plan, he has answered every question I've had for him. Not only that but he is very kind and respectful. It doesn't end there, the whole staff is full of amazing people. They're always welcoming and full of joy."

- Saabrin M.

"I started going to West End Chiropractic in search of another solution to a chronic disease that was spiraling out of control. After continuing to work with doctors that seemed to concentrate on finding the right prescription or simply additional dosage, I needed a change. I wanted to understand the potential impact that acupuncture, chiropractic, and nutrition coaching could have on my disease.

After an initial consultation, Dr. Andy had a program developed that included acupuncture, adjustment, and electric stimulation. He offered coaching on supplements and diet … including everything down to the PH-level of the water I was drinking. After a year of working through Dr. Andy's plan in unity with my primary physician, I have cut many of my prescription medications and my disease has gone into remission.

What I love about West End Chiropractic is the optimistic attitude, a near sense of family, and the attention to do what is needed to make one well. This office just works differently. The office is warm; and the staff is always upbeat. This is how a doctor's office should operate. It is one thing when you leave an appointment, and you are hopeful; it is even better when you move beyond that hope and truly feel a change for the better.

- Dennis W.

"Dr. John and staff at West End Chiropractic have an unrivaled approach to patient care. WEC emphasizes the health of the whole person by presenting and communicating care plans with detail, empathy, and intellectual integrity. Being someone who supports the mental, personal, and social health of others, it's uplifting to feel individually known and cared for at each appointment. I highly recommend the services and care that WEC proudly provide. Thanks Dr. John and the team at West End Chiropractic."

- Brianna T.

"Okay, don't let the barrage of superlatives put you off. I've never been more serious, never before written a google review. Dr. Andy is the best chiropractor I've seen out of so many. He understands nuance of body mechanics. I'm always so impressed. His adjustments are excellent. Somehow her treatment is perfectly effective yet never aggressive. His approach is very holistic - he manipulates both soft tissue and spine/joints, looks at potential root causes, and gives great exercises to do at home. Highest possible recommendation."

- Kris G.

"West End Chiropractic has completely changed my viewpoint on chiropractors! I put off seeking treatment for so long because my body can't handle the traditional methods of adjustments. From the first appointment, Dr. Dana made me feel comfortable, gave me hope, and put my fear at ease by using alternative methods for healing. The entire staff has been wonderful through this whole process. To say that Dr. Dana has helped is an understatement; she has given me my life back. I could not recommend her, this staff, and clinic more highly."

- Bogart H.

"Great Chiropractors, Great team! I really enjoyed the process of how I worked with their entire team. Can't say enough great things about D.J and Paige!"

- Misty C.

"Thank you West End Chiropractic. I was dealing with a disc bulge and was recommended a cortisone injection (which I didn't want to do). I was referred to the team at West End Chiropractic for Decompression Therapy for my low back pain due to my disc issue. I cant believe the difference it has made, my pain is almost completely gone and im back to doing things I was before the disc injury!"

- Barb S.


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