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The work-from-home culture is becoming more common in every industry and ergonomics is more important now than ever before. At West End Chiropractic and Wellness in St Louis Park, we have helped numerous patients learn how to incorporate the right ergonomics into their lifestyle to prevent pain from becoming a problem.

We are now offering webinars to patients and businesses to help get a grasp on ergonomics for the home or work environment. With our business-specific live webinars, we have developed a detailed approach to better your workstation, in the office, or at home.

Ergonomics Webinar in St Louis Park

Covered in the live, introductory webinar:

  • desk posture
  • screen placement
  • chair settings
  • keyboard and mouse configuration
  • avoiding headaches
  • lower back pain
  • remedies to eliminate pain

The introductory webinar is designed to provide your team with baseline knowledge on how to navigate their workstation. There is no cost. The webinar is scheduled for 15 minutes with a live Q&A at the end. Teams of up to 20 can participate.

Dr. Dana Harrington has been conducting ergonomic assessments and presenting on office ergonomics for almost 10 years. With the rise in demand for this content, she has customized presentations to cover the most commonly asked questions in a live, webinar format.

*Ergonomics is a complex topic and 15 minutes only scratches the surface! Upon request, in-depth webinars can be scheduled after the intro is completed and specific topics are established.*

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