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Workplace Posture a Struggle? Here's a Few Tips to Help!

Let's talk about workplace ergonomics... especially after how this year has gone, we've never needed tips more than now! Proper ergonomics in the workplace are extremely important. Our posture plays a huge role in our everyday lives and because we spend so much of our time working, it's important that we have the correct posture while doing so. Especially with COVID-19, we've found that many people have transferred to working from home full-time which is resulting in work set-ups that are not ideal for the body. So what can we do to change that?

When working from home, a major factor you want to assess is your posture at your desk. Some key factors to look for:

1) make sure computer is correct height in accordance to eye level- eyes should be even with the top of your computer screen

2) make sure legs are set at a 90 degree angle under your desk- if you're on the shorter side, try stacking a few books under your feet

3) make sure you have lumbar support in the chair- whether that's a small pillow placed at the small of your back or a chair that is well suited to your body

All of these tips are great for seated posture, but no matter how well you sit throughout the work day, it is still important break up the day with standing or walking breaks. It is ideal that throughout the day you take a short break every 45 minutes or so. This break doesn't need to be a mile walk, just a 2-5 minute break will do wonders. This break will give your body time to stretch out your muscles and restore movement so they are not tightening up and being compressed for hours on end. A standing desk is also an excellent option if you're able to bring that into your home. The perfect workplace posture is all about balance- you don't want to stand all day, you don't want to sit all day. Your body requires movement to work as efficiently as possible.

If there's any questions, please give our office a call at 952-500-8477!
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Wednesday, 27 October 2021

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