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Strength Training Tips to Improve Function!

Exercise is proven to be an important factor when it comes to improving health, body function, and quality of life. From decreasing the risk of type 2 diabetes to depression or even rehabbing an injury, exercise is a great tool all around! One other piece of the whole puzzle when it comes to exercise that can add value is strength training or resistance training!

Strength and resistance training comes in many forms, and sometimes it can be misconstrued for what it may be. Strength training has been thought of as a macho man with a sleeveless shirt doing endless bicep curls, chug a protein shake, and drink 4 eggs in a glass. Although the idea of this sounds cool and some people probably do this, strength training does not have to be perceived that way!

Resistance training is simply described as training your muscles with an external load (barbells, dumbbells, bands etc) to improve strength, muscle size and improve health and wellness!

There are multiple ways to approach resistance training. It can be used to help prepare for a local 5k race, rehabbing injuries/strengthening muscles that are lagging function, or even just to feel and look good! Everyone's motivation is different, and it can even change from year to year. However, strength training is always there for anyone who is looking to find other ways to stay healthy and fit!

Below Are Some Tips For Strength Training

  • 1.Start SLOW!!! Do not go too much too fast with progression; injuries can occur that way and progress will slow down
  • 2.Find a friend or even a personal trainer to help with guidance in the weight room or to show you ways to make progress. Accountability helps too!
  • 3.In a session, start with big muscle groups first and make your way down to small muscle groups last to make the session efficient and effective
  • 4.Consistency over time is KEY!!! One "bad" workout is better than not doing one!!!
  • 5.Stay positive! There will be weeks that you will not feel there is any progress, push through it! You may even surprise yourself on those bad weeks

These are some simple introductory tips when it comes to resistance training. Here at West End Chiropractic and Wellness, our goal is to make sure that all our patients and friends live a healthy way of life. If you have any further questions, give us a call at 952-500-8477 or stop by the clinic on your next visit and ask one of our team members!

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Friday, 28 January 2022

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