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Posture is the Way!

"Stand up properly!" "Sit up straighter!"

Those are the phrases our parents have told us in the past when it comes to our posture as children (among other things we get in trouble with!). Jokes aside, posture is a very important aspect when it comes to not only for living our daily lives, but with workouts, confidence, and other things.

There are lots of conflicting ways to approach this topic. Everyone has their own mechanics, body type, and movements on the day to day. Also, the body adapts to a ton of factors/stressors such as exercise and work ergonomics. There are multiple ways to look about this.

Things that effect/play a role in posture:

  • 1.Work/life habits
  • 2.Ergonomics
  • 3.Muscle Development/Imbalances
  • 4.Confidence/Mindset
  • 5.Workout Routine
  • 6.Diet

Ways to fix posture is a multi-faceted approach since bad posture can stem from underlying factors such as mindset. Example: If someone who has low self-esteem is noticed, they tend to have a more hunched back, head is more pointed down, and outlook on life tends to be negative. Things to help with that include stress management, breathing/meditation practice, focusing more on the positive side of things…the list goes on!

When it comes to anterior head carriage such as upper cross pattern, strengthening the neck and upper back/scapular muscles. Mobility and stretching of the neck are very important as well. Stretching is recommended for 15-30 seconds for 2-4 rounds twice a day for best results. Things that also help with posture is strength training regularly! A great routine can be an upper/lower body split workout in 3-4 days a week. Exercises such as standing shoulder press, barbell back squats and wall slides can benefit you!

At West End Chiropractic and Wellness, we take pride on giving our patients the best care that they deserve with out integrated approach with chiropractic care, exercise rehab among other things we offer at the clinic. If you have any other questions in regard to this topic, reach out to us at 952-500-8477 or ask one of our team members for further advice!

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Wednesday, 08 December 2021

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