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What is the 90 day Lifestyle Plan?

The 90 Day Innate Lifestyle™ Plan is based on the indissoluble causal relationship among lifestyle choices, gene expression, and health. If your lifestyle choices contain the types and amounts of nutrients, physical activity, thoughts, and attitudes that match the list of requirements on the human genome, you will genetically express your incredible inborn potential for health, happiness, vitality, and longevity.

The 90 Day Innate Lifestyle™ Plan is revolutionary and uniquely effective. It is the first program in history matched to the human genome-determined lifestyle choice requirements for the genetic expression of health and the prevention of illness. The 90 Day Innate Lifestyle ™ Plan combines all aspects of lifestyle into one comprehensive program that teaches you not just what you need to do, but how to develop the self-control you need to get yourself to consistently do it. Once you become aware of this, all the confusion about what to eat, how to exercise, and how to manage stress and control your thoughts, attitudes, and emotions disappears and you become immune to all the false promises and fads. There is only one real solution and that is to eat, move, and think in ways that match your human genome-determined requirements. This is, literally, the secret to health. It really isn’t a secret; it is just something few people ever learn.

The 90 Day Innate Lifestyle™ Plan is uniquely effective because it:
1. Includes two (pre and post) comprehensive Health Risk Assessments that indicate both your health status and health risk status
2. Is individualized to your current state of fitness and readiness and your food preferences
3. Is completely comprehensive and gradual and easy to follow - every meal (including recipes), every physical fitness activity, and every emotional fitness activity are planned out for you.

For more information, and to achieve your potential for a better and longer life call West End Chiropractic and Wellness to schedule a consultation to see if the 90 Day Lifestyle Plan is right for you at (952) 500-8477

Taylor Hoeschen

West End Chiro and Wellness has been taking excellent care of me for the past few years. They’ve helped me recover from and car accidents and continue to help me manage a chronic joint disorder. They are truly rockstars at keeping people healthy and in action. The doctors and staff are all very friendly and ready to help in several different forms of care. If you are looking to find a quality and affordable chiropractic provider in the Metro Area, West End Chiropractic and Wellness is the place for you!

Brady Knueppel

I have a few friends who go here and was recommended West End for my shoulder/ lower back pain. The staff has been nothing but amazing and friendly from the start! I see Dr. Andy for my adjustments and DJ helps me with my PT. They’re super knowledgeable and have helped keep me in check on the road to recovery! Highly recommend this team!

Julie Strantz

I was referred to West End Chiropractic at a time when things were status quo with my former chiropractor. The service and program Dr. Andy and his team have provided thus far have been incredible. They are so thorough and believe in a full program, which include adjustments, pt and stim work (even the appropriate, clean supplements!). No more migraines and I'm on my way to getting back into my running through realignment of my neck and back. I have already been referring them to everyone I know. So grateful.

Response from the owner 2 months ago
Julie - we are so happy to see the amazing results you have experienced so far and cant wait to watch your continued progress! Thanks for the review!

Tayler Camas

I have bounced around to and from different chiropractors since I was in high school. After getting introduced to the doctors at West End Chiro (I see Dr.John, but anyone at West End is phenomenal to work with!) my chiropractic experience totally changed. Hands down, best chiropractor. Their knowledge for preventative care has been so helpful for me. The supplements they’ve recommended have provided me so many health benefits, I won’t go back to life without them. You can feel the passion they have for preventative care - I felt relief and results after just the first visit and have stayed consistent since. I have a physical job and am very active, I couldn’t imagine going back to how I used to feel. They are truly the BEST and FULL service clinic. Try them out, you won’t regret it!

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