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The Great Outdoors! Ways To Help Get Your Mind and Body Right

"Ah, the great outdoors!"

I'm sure at some point life, you have heard this quote whether in a movie, or while on a hike. That being said, spending time outside can do a huge helping to your body when it comes to physical or mental health. The outdoors have been a popular choice for anyone who is looking to go on camping trips, road trips, or any kind of vacations. However, there are more benefits that are deeper when it comes to spending time outside

Benefits of choosing to go outside include: 

1. Great source of vitamin D via sunlight

2. The fresh air may give you a boost of energy

3. Improved Mental clarity

4. Enhances creativity

5. Free Aromatherapy (free smells with fresh flowers!)

6. Good for your vision

7. Change up in the environment for workouts!!

In todays world with technology being in every corner of every building in the city, or in the palm of our hands with smart phones, our brains can get disconnected with the real world which can cause a plethora of issues such as anxiety, depression and stress. Being dependent to technology such as smart phones can trigger those issues which is why making time to go outside and "unplug" from the world will pay off greatly to de-stress. 

One way to get started is to do a simple 10 minute walk after the work day in the spring/summer time so get away from the world, which gives you a chance to reflect on the day, and calm down the fast paced brain. Morning walks/workouts are perfect for that too! Over time, you will notice that dependency from technology will go down, and you will find yourself more outside at a local park and finding other hobbies on top of that!

All in all, being outside has a ton of benefits that can help out anyone that is dealing with a mental rut, or has problems in changing up workouts. If you have any questions on other ways to boost your mental or physical health, stop in our clinic and ask one of our team members. Or give us a call at 952-500-8477

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Tuesday, 26 October 2021

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