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Stretching Series: Too Long? Too Short? Or Just Right!!

We have a previous post earlier in this blog about stretching and the benefits of it. As before, there are multiple tactics to stretch, whether its active stretching, PNF stretching or dynamic stretching. Stretching techniques will depend on the situation. Example: During a dynamic warm up, active stretching such as hamstring scoops or arm swings are a perfect stretch series to do to not only stretch the muscles, but proper blood flow to the muscles while going through a warmup before a workout.

With this in mind, there are lots of varying answers when it comes to this question: How long should I stretch to make it worth it? The answer: It depends! In this list below will list some of the factors when it comes to stretching time

Factors that play a role when it comes to stretching duration:

  • 1.Fitness Goals
  • 2.History of Injury or Injuries
  • 3.Lifestyle outside of work such as diet
  • 4.Ergonomics
  • 5.Posture
  • 6.Body Part (Legs vs. Neck etc)

The key is to be consistent with stretching. The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recommends holding each stretch 15-30 seconds 2-4 times each time. 1 set of 60 seconds has found to improve flexibility as well! For example, for a hamstring stretch: sit on a chair with one of your legs in front of you. Point your hips towards the leg you are trying to stretch out and lean until you feel a stretch or slight discomfort. From there, hold for 15 seconds, come back to normal, then lean a bit farther to the hamstring. Repeat until you finish up the 2-4 rounds.

One other point when it comes to consistency is frequency over time. The ACSM also found that results will come after consistent stretching sessions after 6-8 weeks. Stretching over time will help with improved flexibility, mobility, posture and mechanics. Researchers have concluded that 12 months of stretching can be effective when it comes to chronic neck pain. All in all, consistent habits of stretching over the course of time will get the results when it comes to improved function, flexibility and decreased risk of injury!

Here at West End Chiropractic and Wellness, we take great pride in patient care and making sure we serve patients that they get the results they deserve. If you have any further questions about stretching, reach out at our number at 952-500-8477 and ask one of our team members!

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Wednesday, 08 December 2021

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