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Decompression Therapy-Is this a treatment for you?

 Decompression is an effective, non-invasive therapy designed to slowly lengthen and decompress the spine, creating negative pressures within the discs. This reversal of pressure creates an intradiscal vacuum that helps to reposition bulging discs and pull extruded disc material back into place, taking pressure off pinched nerves. During the decompression treatment, nutrients, oxygen, and fluids are drawn into the dis to create an environment conducive to natural healing. Spinal experts say that Spinal Decompression stimulates the body's repair mechanism, providing the building blocks needed to mend injured and degenerated discs. Now there truly is hope for lasting relief without drugs, injections, or surgery.

Who is Decompression for?
-Bulging/Slipped Disc
-Herniated Disc
-Degenerative Disc Disease
-Spinal Stenosis
-Facet Syndrome
-Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

Not for people with:
-Surgical Hardware
-Spinal Infections, Pelvic or Abdominal Cancer
-Recent Vertebral Fracture
-Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

A patient that receives decompression is properly fitted with a pelvic harness designed to achieve optimal decompression of the spine. The treatment process is safe and relaxing where each treatment cycles through a series of gentle pulls, hold, and releases. Each Decompression session lasts approximately 25-30 minutes with a typical treatment regimen of about 20-24 sessions over 6-8 weeks. Depending on the patient and the problem at hand, some patients require more sessions and others require less. Many patients experience pain relief during the first few weeks and most experience dramatic pain relief after completion of their prescribed program.

If you have any questions regarding Decompression, please call our clinic at (952) 500-8477!

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