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What is Acupuncture all about?

Traditional Chinese Medicine includes the practice of acupuncture. It originated in China thousands of years ago and is now experiencing worldwide acceptance.

According to Chinese Medical theory human beings have a natural flow of energy throughout the body. Several thousand years ago, Chinese physicians determined that this energy circulates in pathways, called meridians. Good health depends on the smooth flow of energy throughout these pathways, and pain and disease are caused by an imbalance, deficiency, or blockage of this energy. Acupuncture uses the insertion of extremely fine needles into points along the pathways to help balance the body’s natural energy. Well-balanced and freely circulating energy returns the body to its innate vitality.


What conditions can Acupuncture be used for?

Acupuncture can treat a wide variety of conditions, however at West End Chiropractic we focus on treating specific conditions such as headaches, neck pain, and back pain to muscle tightness, numbness, tingling resulting from injuries and accidents..


How safe is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a very safe system of health care when done by a well-trained, licensed practitioner. All needles are sterile and used one time only. The risks of acupuncture are minimal and explained on the informed consent that you sign prior to treatment.


What can I expect during a treatment?

acupuncture-300x225A treatment begins with an interview to gather information about signs and symptoms. At West End Chiropractic and Wellness we offer two types of acupuncture treatment, traditional and electrical acupuncture. Based on your goals, personal needs and the results of examination will determine what type of acupuncture treatment will be most beneficial. Needles are then inserted based on a diagnosis within the framework of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The needles are retained for about 15-25 minutes. The needles produce some sensation, but generally not pain. Most patients feel very relaxed and even fall asleep when left with the needles and wake up refreshed and relaxed.


The number of treatments necessary varies according to the condition as well as the person. Acute conditions may respond with just a few treatments, while a chronic condition may require a longer series of treatments. Visits are usually scheduled one or two times per week depending on the needs of the patient.


Is there anything I should do before or after a treatment?

It’s best to wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes for your treatment, but if that’s not possible, we can provide you with a gown. Be sure to have something to eat before your appointment, to avoid feeling light headed. In addition, alcohol may interfere with the effectiveness of your treatment, so you will want to avoid its use before your appointment.


Does insurance cover acupuncture?

In Minnesota, health insurance generally doesn’t cover acupuncture, and is not likely to in the near or distant future. Many health insurance providers are decreasing their acupuncture coverage rather than increasing it. If your insurance covers acupuncture, we will supply you with a “superbill” that provides all the information you need to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.


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